Woopt was founded by the performance marketing agency Wolf+Bär and their lead developer Aleksandar. The seed was the creation of the WooCommerce Google Ads conversion tracking plugin back in 2013, the first of its kind at the time. As data driven marketers we continuously tweaked the plugin over time which allowed us, and many other users, to run very successful paid ads campaigns.

Trough its easy to use interface, the accurate results and acclaimed support the plugin attracted several tens of thousands active users over the years. 

Because of the large amount of active installations the support requests have grown over time. And many interesting ideas and feature requests were developed steadily, but slowly.   

This is the reason why we decided to spin off the the technology arm into its own home, sweetcode.wpengine.com. By launching a paid Pro version with many new and interesting features we’ll give the users a chance to support the development of the plugin. In return we will be using the proceeds to dedicate more development and support resources to the plugin. Users of the Pro version will benefit from more valuable and early access features as well as faster and more comprehensive support.